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Speed Concepts CR80 SPI Box Installation

August 22, 2017

Speed Concepts Programmable Ignitions SPI-CR80B

Step 1: Remove existing CDI box.
Step 2: Connect the SPI-CR80B grn/yel and blue paired (by length) wires to the engines grn/wht and blue paired wires.
Step 3: Connect the SPI-CR80B green and red paired (by length) wires to the engines grn and blk/red paired wires.
Step 4: Connect the SPI-CR80B orange wire to the coil blk/yel wire.
Step 5: Connect the SPI-CR80B green and black paired (by length) wires to the kill switch (if used).
Step 6: Mount the SPI-CR80B to the back of the seat or hose with zip ties.
Note- it is recommended that the coil be mounted to the engine.

With seat-mounted coils, ground straps must connect to the engine, not the chassis.

Map description:

( Specific To SwedeTech, Your box may have different curves if purchased from another source )

Map A Swede12-2 Mod-2
Map B Swede 30
Map C Swede 31-05
Map D Swede 31

Start with the stator in the SwedeTech position (= 2 degree advanced) and the B map if you have the latest SwedeTech engine . If you have an older style SwedeTech engine start with the C curve. The timing gets more advanced with each higher letter map, A being the mildest and D being the most advanced. The C and D maps will require more fuel (larger jet). Care must be taken as too much timing may damage the engine.

The map may be selected while the engine is running, (check local rules for legality), if not legal for an event then mount the switch on the back of the seat where the driver can’t access it. If the map switch box is disconnected the default map will be map A.

SwedeTech Racing Engines and/or Speed Concepts are not responsible for any damage that may occur with this device.