Swedetech Services

Services Offered by SwedeTech Racing Engines

SwedeTech Racing Engines is known around the world for building high performance two-stroke racing engines for karting and other off-road (non-highway) applications.  In addition to the complete engine services that we offer, SwedeTech offers individual services.  Please see our list below. If you have a question about a service, please contact us.   

Complete Engine Rebuild Service

  • SwedeTech offers rebuild services for used engines.  The engine does not have to be originally built or purchased from SwedeTech to take advantage of our rebuild service.
  • Complete engine rebuild service includes creating a work order and assigning the engine to a designated bin.
  • Cleaning of the external side of components and degreasing heavy grime.
  • External inspection of all supplied components. Looking for shipping damage, crash damage, excessive wear and tear, etc.
  • Complete tear down of the engine, cleaning of internal components, inspection of internal and external parts, updating the work order for suggested parts and labor for each specific engine.
  • Once work order is approved by the customer, engine is assembled per technical regulations, specifications  are measured, and the engine is pressure checked.  If work order is not approved by customer, customer is responsible for labor to tear engine down and quote.
  • Once the engine is ready for pick up or shipping, SwedeTech will contact the customer with a final invoice. Customer will pay for shipping costs. SwedeTech will arrange for shipment pickup unless specified by the customer.

Dyno Break In Service

  • An Engine dynamometer ( dyno ) is an instrument used to measure the output of an engine, in torque and/or horsepower.
  • SwedeTech offers an engine break in service utilizing one of our two in-house Dynamometers for many popular engine makes and models.  Engine Dyno Break-In is valuable if you have limited track testing time.
  • SwedeTech does not offer engine dyno tuning.  It is the customers responsible to determine proper engine tuning for their specific track and racing requirements.  We are not able to replicate your racing environment, therefore we do not offer the tuning service.
  • Please read this article for Horsepower Disclosure - swedetechracing.com/faq/#faq906

Porting and Machine Services

  • SwedeTech offers in-house porting and machine work for various models of two-stroke engines. Commonly referred to as a blueprint, modified, or open engine. This can include a complete porting job of the cases, cylinder, intake and other components. Contact SwedeTech for engine modification services for your specific make and model 2-stroke.
  • Head machining services which can include custom combustion chamber shaping and o-ring integration.
  • Detonation ring installation services for cylinder bores up to 54.5mm
  • Cylinder honing services for cylinder bores up to 65mm (approximately 250cc single cylinder).
  • Custom intake work to include fabrication of reed cage stuffer, machining, and porting to match intake manifold.
  • Cylinder decking 
  • Surface lapping 

Other Engine Repair Services

  • Crank rebuild, rod lightening, and truing for many 2-stroke makes and models.
  • Stroker cranks and rebuilds *
  • Nikasil replating services ( Nickel-Silicon Carbide / NSC ) *
  • CNC machining services *
  • Cylinder bore services * 

Trackside Tuning and Testing

  • SwedeTech supports many race events and associations throughout the year.  In many cases and major events, we do not charge a fee for trackside tuning.  Please contact our office to determine events that our already on the race schedule.
  • For events and testing days that we are not scheduled to attend, we offer private testing and tuning days at a reasonable cost. 

R & D Projects

  • SwedeTech has contracted with many companies over the past 20+ years for special 2-stroke R&D projects which can include prototyping, machining, testing, and tuning.