SwedeTech Customers Leading the Way

March 25, 2016

The race season is full throttle as we come near the closing of the first quarter of 2016. The SKUSA ProKart Challenge is prepping for the third round at the Monterey Bay Karters track in Marina, CA on the weekend of April 1.

Jimmy McNeil (CRG) almost swept the S1 Pro Class in the second round, putting him merely 30 points behind the points leader. Jacob Neal (TonyKart) will need a strong third round to move him into the top three from his fourth place position. S1 rookie, Marco Eakins (FK) is holding his own in the Pro Class with a current fifth place ranking.

Hunter Pickett (Aluminos) is currently sitting in the championship lead in the S2 Intermediate Stock Moto class. A strong third round will help increase his points lead while Robert Heck Jr continues to stalk the number one position in second.

Long time karter, Darren Elliott (CRG) has had a stellar year to date. He has won every heat race and main event in the 2016 Pro Kart Challenge S4 Masters class.  Robert Marks (CRG) has been laying down some fast laps and consistent results, placing himself third in the rankings.  Vivek Tandon (CRG) had a good fourth place finish during round two and is seated in the fourth championship spot.

S4 Super Masters has been a popular class for the SKUSA series.  Ken Schilling (Vemme) leads the SwedeTech top three sweep in this class, followed closely by Darrell Tunnell (CRG), and Luke Bianco (CRG).  

The S5 Junior Stock Moto class is the developing ground for the younger shifter drivers.  Currently, Ricco Shlaimoun (TonyKart) has been honing his skills and is sitting in the runner up position.

Our photo gallery from this event can be found on Flickr. - SwedeTech Flickr Gallery 

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