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Moto 125cc Honda CR125 - Honda CR125 2-Stroke


Moto 125cc - Honda CR125

The following is a brief overview of what is included with a Moto CR125 blueprint.

Before any work is started, a detailed and thorough inspection is made of all engine components.

The crank is machined for a "slip fit" and the rod is straightened.  Once assembled, it is trued to within 0.0005" of an inch.

Honda CR125
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Honda CR125
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The kick-starter hump is machined off and a plate welded in its place.  The two transmission bearing races are machined to the desired fit.  The cases are then ported and the gasket surfaces are lapped and squared.  All transmission parts receive a SuperTech finish.


The cylinder is fitted with o-ringed power valve plugs and then it is ported.  The reed cage and manifold are also machined and ported.  The head is plugged and machined, creating a new combustion chamber and creating o-ring groves.  Optional detonation inserts are available for both the cylinder and cylinder-head.

The final and most important part of the process is the precision assembly of the engine, done to SwedeTech's exacting standards.

Honda CR125 long-stud modification
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Swedetech Moto 125cc Honda CR125 Engine Specs
Bore: 54mm   Exhaust: 2-ports
Stroke: 54.5mm   Transfer: 4-ports
Volume: 125cc   Weight: 37 lbs
Induction: 4-petal   Clutch: Wet
Moto 125cc Honda CR125 Gearbox Ratios (Primary:  20/63)
1st Gear: 14/33   4th Gear: 21/27
2nd Gear: 15/28   5th Gear: 23/26
3rd Gear: 19/29   6th Gear: 24/24

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Honda CR125 2-Stroke - Moto 125cc Honda CR125